Testimonials: what clients and peers write about me:

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for these past few years of fine workmanship and company loyalty. We know that the growth and success of our company is largely dependent on having strong and capable [freelance] members, such as yourself, and recognize the contribution you make in helping us maintain the position we enjoy in the industry. We are hoping that you will remain with us [as a freelancer] for many years to come. Sincerely, Katie”, “Medical Communications Company

“We need your assistance to provide 1st draft for case …. Please provide an approximate estimation of working hours and hourly rate of [for] this [rewriting manuscript] project. We would be very appreciated if you could reply [to] us within 24 hours. If you are not available at this moment, we are willing to wait for your availability.”“ Natalie, Medical Communications Company

“I just received your corrections. Thank you. We will carefully check all [of] your questions. I will keep you posted on this ms [manuscript] submission. By the way, I [am] send[ing] you the published review on CNV in chemokines that you excellently edited [a] few months ago. Sincerely yours,” Roger [Barcelona, Spain]

“Pls kindly proceed [with] the 1st draft based on the files I sent to you. This client is our VIP. Best regards.” Betty, Medical Communication Company

“...I am very impressed by your work, your commitment to detail, and your ability to immerse yourself in the therapeutic area to develop a comprehensive scholarly manuscript. Cheers,” Sheila, Medcom Company owner

“This candidate went beyond her excellent editing by searching the literature (doing a MEDLINE search) to remedy ... a deficiency in the manuscript.” Senior Editor at Medical Communications Company

“WOW! Thank you for your extensive review. I used the attachment from this second email you sent. I will forward your comments (blinded) to the author to help improve this monograph. We are lucky to have you on board as a peer-reviewer and author. Best, “ Wendy, editor for database

Thank you very much for your revisions to the manuscript. The description for your revisions is highly appreciated. Thanks again. Regards,” Daisy, Medical Communications Company

"Thank you very much for your 1st draft of . . . and the endnote files. I've passed them to our case manager for review. It's really nice of you to charge us … as confirmed. …Look forward to work with you again. Thanks a lot.” Daisy, Medical Communications Company

“Greetings from Caroline. Nice to write to you. ^_^ I have heard from Daisy that you are an excellent editor so this time it's really my honor to work with you.” Coordinator of Substantive Editing who hires Freelance AMWA writers.

“Thanks very much for your effort on this case. Nice working with you. Look forward to working with you again soon.” Caroline, Medical Communication Company

Although I had written to a client that I was overbooked and to please send the work to another editor, I received: “Dear Katherine, It's difficult for me to find another editor to review this paper. Pls [please] kindly inform [me of] your earliest due day to return comments for this case. I can wait. Thank you~” Jenny, Medical Communication Company

“Katherine, you have been doing great work with ..., and I appreciate it!” Sincerely, Scott Project Manager

“Thank you a lot for your great effort. Hope we have chance to work together for rewriting case next time. Best Regards” Cathy, Medical Communications Company

“Thank you so much for your comments. Look forward to work with you in the future. Have a nice day~ Regards,” Jenny, Medical Communications Company

A few Reviewers' Comments

“Manuscript is well written” reviewer, Human Gene Therapy

“I think that this paper is well written and the research adequately conducted. Since this is a rare disease, it is important that such papers are published to help clinicians in both diagnosis and treatment. I have no corrections to make.” Reviewer from Eur Neurology

“In conclusion, this study provided interesting new information and the manuscript is worthy of publication in this journal.” Reviewer from Biochimica et Biophysica Acta

“The authors have done a systematic and thorough job in a subject which is fraught with infinite complexities and permutations.” reviewer, Human Gene Therapy

“A number of experiments were performed to study potential mechanisms for this synergy. Although these experiments did not yield a positive result, they remain valid. In the end, the hypothesis was proven valid by the authors and thus this report is of high quality and should be published. ” reviewer, Human Gene Therapy

“This is a straightforward and relatively definitive paper showing that…. The experiments are well controlled and do demonstrate the phenomenon clearly.” reviewer from Cancer Gene Therapy.

“The paper is very cogent. The hypotheses are clearly stated and the data supporting the conclusions are overall well presented.” reviewer from Cancer Gene Therapy.

“These are minor criticisms for consideration [by] the authors for an important contribution to the field.” reviewer from Cancer Gene Therapy.

“This is a very well thought out and referenced report of the use …in treatment of acute flares in rheumatoid arthritis. I think it would be of interest to many of your readers. The extensive scientific background reflects the author’s background and strengthens the rationale for the treatment approach.” Reviewer for Townsend Letters for Physicians and Patients

“The case report is generally well written with adequate clinical details.” Reviewer for Clinical Dysmorphology


“Hope you are doing great. I wanted to update you … I got the NCI money. You have been very helpful. I am now in the process of getting new postdocs for this project. While I will be working on . . . project, I would also like to expand my . . . projects. At this time I am trying to generate more data for a new R01 grant on . . . . Once I have enough data, I would discuss with you. Thanks and have a great day. “ Assistant Professor, MUSC

“Preliminary data is presented suggesting that the proposed studies can be done. Data from the literature is reviewed as well to justify the proposed work. From the clinical perspective, the entire Program focus is a novel approach to a therapy…The development efforts toward the identification of…are sound. The potential responsiveness of…is novel and potentially useful in the clinic. The efforts of the investigators to translate these observations into the clinical setting are laudable. This application is recommended with outstanding enthusiasm.” From reviewers’ discussion of grant proposal of KMK [funded].

“You [KMK] received the highest score in the pool of applicants.” Assistant to review panel [KMK funded].

As a writer for summaries of the discussion of the reviewers’ panels: “I thought you did a great job on these. The summaries are very clear and well organized. I had only minor comments/suggestions…on one…. “ Chairperson for grant review panel