Microsoft Word Shortcuts for PCs

Most scientific writers and medical writers use Microsoft Word.  They often choose to use Microsoft Word shortcuts to save time. These shortcuts work on MSWord versions 16 and 19. 

I’ve listed the MSWord shortcuts  for modifying text and altering the document in Table 1.  Most of these shortcuts also work in Microsoft Word 16; however, use "F12" for "save as" instead of listed shortcut.)

These common shortcuts range from “select all” down to “undo previous action”. The “&” symbol means to press both keys at once.  The comma means to press the keys in the shown sequence. 

Table 2 lists the shortcuts for math symbols and editing symbols. 

Table 3 lists the shortcuts for small Greek letters.   Some complex proteins in immunology and molecular biology use Greek letters to name components, such as the kappa light chain of immunoglobulin.

Here's the Microsoft Word Shortcuts pdf.  Hope you enjoy!