Work Samples of KMK Consulting Services

These work samples include scientific articles, reviews, clinical manuscripts for scientific and medical journals, web pages for niche businesses and professional organizations, continuing medical education, poster, and special report.

To avoid unwanted disclosure of previously presented documents of my clients, the examples are from my research as a scientist and writer or have been published and open to the public.

Scientific and Clinical Publications

Although most of my time is spent rewriting or substantive editing manuscripts describing the scientific research of other scientists and clinicians, I've included the following 6 scientific articles as examples of my scientific and medical writing.

In these scientific articles, I am the corresponding author and Principal Investigator. If I am the first author, then I also wrote the first draft, as well as coordinated all the comments from co-authors, submitted the manuscript, and responded to reviewers' comments.

In most cases, the links will provide the abstract in Pubmed or the published document.

As a convenience to colleagues, I have provided the authors' copy of the recently published Medical Hypothesis paper, in accordance with Elsevier's copyright policy. These papers are provided for research and non-commercial use. The other papers are open access and thus are provided here.

scientific article
Med Hypotheses
scientific article
Clin Cancer Res
scientific article
Mediators of Inflam
scientific article
Molecular Therapy
scientific article
Human Gene Ther
scientific article
J Virology

Client publications with acknowledgment

I have rewritten or edited for clients more than 120 manuscripts which have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Several recent articles that show an acknowledgment for editorial or writing assistance are provided below for your convenience.

Scientific article
Systematic Review, Bone Marrow Transpl
scientific article
Preclinical research, OncoImmunol
scientific article
Clinical research Tx-IND, Br J Haematol

Meeting abstract, animated slides, CME slide & supplement, special report, and poster.

scientific article
Meeting abstract
scientific article
Animated slide set
scientific article
CME slide sample
scientific article
CME supplement
scientific article
Special Report
Meeting Poster

Examples of Web pages written by KMK Consulting Services

The target audience of these web pages are the general public.

scientific article
Web page with printout
scientific article
Content marketing
scientific article
Web page with Images

I'm looking forward to helping you complete your projects. If you have any questions or need further samples, please contact me via the convenient contact form. Please briefly explain the project and I will reply within 24 hrs during the week and 48 hrs during the weekend. I will send an additional email address that accepts larger attachments. 

Journals containing articles written or edited

J Hepatology: 25.7

J. Exp. Med.: 15.3

J Amer Chem Soc (JACS): 14.78

Molecular Ther.: 12.4

Clin. Cancer Res.: 11.5

Cancer Research: 11.2

Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci USA: 9.112

Amer J Transplant: 8.8

Oncogene: 8.00

J Clin Microbiology: 6.98

Br. J. Haematol: 6.5

Molecular Ther. Oncolytics 5.56

Rheumatology: 5.5

J Immunol: 5.426

J. Virol: 5.4 and more

Reviewers' comments

“I am pleased to report that your submitted manuscript has been accepted for publication subject to minor revision. You have too many citations - Please reduce number to[of] references to 80.” Med Hypotheses

“A number of experiments were performed to study potential mechanisms for this synergy. Although these experiments did not yield a positive result, they remain valid. In the end, the hypothesis was proven valid by the authors and thus this report is of high quality and should be published. ” reviewer, Human Gene Therapy

“This is a straightforward and relatively –definitive paper showing that…. The experiments are well controlled and do demonstrate the phenomenon clearly.” reviewer from Cancer Gene Therapy.

"I think that this paper is well written and the research adequately conducted. I have no corrections to make." Reviewer 3 from Eur J Neurology

“The authors have done a systemic and thorough job in a subject which is fraught with infinite complexities and permutations.” reviewer, Human Gene Therapy

Web pages

“Yes, I was surprised how often gene therapy for … is searched. I'll mention this to the leadership as well to see if there is someone in the Society who could speak to this.” Project manager for web site project.